Chemical Exposure in Kids

Ayurvedam treatment

Chemical Exposure in Kids

Chemical Exposure in Kids

Environmental chemical exposure in Children and how we beat them with Ayurvedic treatments

Do you know Environmental hazards kill at least 3 million children under age of 5 every year globally?

Why children are more vulnerable ?

Due to their size, physiology, and behavior, children are more unsafe than adults to environmental jeopardies. Children are more gradually endangered to toxins in proportion to the weight of their body and have more years of life for most of them in which they may experience long-term impacts from early exposure. 

Children under age 5 demand more water, more air, and even more food per unit of the body; ultimately, they breathe more, drink more and eat more as compared to the adults. Thus they experience higher rates of susceptibility to pathogens and pollutants. 

The National Academy of Sciences announces that toxic environmental exposure causes 3 percent of all neurobehavioral disorders in children, such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). While genetic research has illustrated that ASD and several other neurodevelopmental disorders have a vital hereditary element, many conclude that environmental conditions may also play a major role. 

How air pollution directly affects the children – 

Air is the basic human need, but in today’s environment quality is affected by various chemicals and harmful gases.

When these air pollutants enter the human body, they are directly transferred from the nose to the brain via the olfactory bulb. And this is how it all starts; 

They enter the blood circulation, some of them cause oxidative stress and some of them cause inflammatory reactions and some of them disturb the normal neurodevelopment. 

Modern lifestyle and Ayurveda 

A sedentary lifestyle has obvious health risks, and it also weakens the immune system. As the saying goes “Before you can fly, you must first drop the dead weight that’s holding you down”. 

That’s why every parent should pay attention to adopting the Ayurvedic lifestyle and treatments to release the toxin from the body so that the child can live a healthy and prosperous life. At Amritha Ayurvedam, we conduct Panchakarma treatment to release toxins from the body. For children with Autism, we use Nose to Brain Drops so that toxins from the brain can be drawn out, and symptoms can be relieved. Our panchakarma treatment is specially modified to meet the needs of every patient. 

We cannot reduce 100% exposure to harmful chemicals, but “Yes” we can reduce their impact over our body with safe and effective Ayurvedic treatments. 

Impact of noise pollution – 

Noise is everywhere; even a small element is able to produce noise. Let’s just talk about the Noise due to traffic” it can produce a stressful response or intervene with sleep or disturb the cognitive performance. Although there is possibilities that air pollutants from traffic can worsen the symptoms of Autism. 

Possibilities are endless chemicals surround our life, so before it gets worse, let us help you with that. If the sleep of your child is disturbed, then prefer to use Jatamansi khada or Poppy seeds  milk. Jatamansi have sleep-inducing effects, and it soothes the brain, same goes with the poppy seeds. 

When a child speaks its first word, it ignites the real joy and happiness of parents; I believe that every parent deserves this. At Amritha Ayurvedam, we strive hard with Panchakarma therapies to bring this cheery moment in your kid’s life. Don’t let anything hold you back, pick your phone and call us, at +91 99897 59719, to know more about us you can visit. we’d be delighted to hear from you. 

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