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Thalam – An Excellent Ayurvedic Treatment for stress

In Ayurveda, there are perfect remedies for mental abnormalities and neurotic disorders and also ensure guaranteed results.

Thalam, an Ayurvedic therapeutic remedy is one of the best treatments especially meant for a variety of diseases.

Thalam is a very effective treatment and it cures insomnia, stress, tension and different kind of mental conditions.

Background :

THALAM is the Malayalam name for the treatment procedure of applying medicines over the center of the head with one’s hands. Being a very ancient practice it has been re-designed as a mode of treatment for the conditions arising out of modern-day lifestyle diseases like lack of memory, lack of willpower, lack of concentration, etc.


Traditionally, Thalam is performed on the center of the top part of the head in which a medicated paste will be applied. The medicine is to be retained at least for one hour, after which the area is wiped thoroughly and rubbed over by a pinch of the choornam prepared separately. The duration of the treatment varies from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the condition of the patient and the severity of the disease.

Benefits of thalam :

Benefits of this treatment are multifold and all are connected in one or the other manner with the ‘pitta vikaar’ in the body. Excess of pitta (bile from the liver) development is a function of heat accumulation in the body and this results in the ailments of different types. Pacifying the pitta through thalam cancels the ill effects and hence relief is delivered for several disorders:

  •  Autism
  •  ADHD
  •  Skin irritation
  •  Anxiety
  •  Insomnia
  •  Migraine
  •  Sinusitis
  •  Throat problems
  •  Hypertension
  •  Mental disorders

Once coolness is generated in the head, the person finds the rejuvenation and pleasantness that was lost because of the pitta dosha.

It helps in nourishing the brain cells to prevent brain cell damage thus reducing the mental problems.

Thalam treatments is a very effective and powerful treatment for de-addiction.

Sree Prathama Ayurvedam is having specialized staff having intricate knowledge about the procedure of Thalam and its benefits. We are one-stop destination for all your health needs on a sustainable and affordable basis.

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