Nose to Brain Drops

Untold Benefits – Of Nose to Brain Drops


Nasyam or Nasya karma is a practice in the Panchakarma therapy specified in Ayurveda. Nasya is procured from the word ‘nasa’ dhatu which signifies ‘gati’. Gati is a trail towards internal structures through the nose.


Nasya is one of the five procedures conducted in Panchakarma therapy that is practiced for the preservation of health and elimination of diseases from their roots, as mentioned in Ayurveda.

Nasya treatment belongs to an Ayurvedic therapy that involves Nose to brain drops which serves to lubricate the nasal passage, clean out mucus and sinuses, and enhance voice, mental purity and vision.


It is considered in Ayurveda that the nose is the pathway to our brain. Therefore Nose to brain drops increases intelligence and memory.

How it works

The nose serves as the gateway to the shir, and allows the passage to various parts of the brain; medication is given through this route to eliminate the morbid Doshas and also provides strength to the brain. Once the medication is reached, it acts in the specific locations of the brain and elevates the emotions. 

Thus the Nose to Brain acts as an excellent solution to several complexities easily. 

Why Medication is given through Nose

The nose is also considered as the accession of consciousness, or doorway to the prana, the life force which enters the body through breath. 

To keep the proper movement of prana everywhere in the body and head it’s essential to maintain uncongested breathing. Accumulation of excessive body fluids, in the nose, throat or head, disturbs the normal pattern of breathing. But proper breathing can be facilitated by the cleansing process conducted with Nose to brain medicine. 

Nasya oil soothes the nasal passageway and works by relieving the sinus congestion. 

Naysa oil helps to balance the Vata Pitta and Kapha, thus enhancing the quality of voice, restoring vision and improving mental clarity.

The neural communication between the nasal mucosa & brain presents a novel way for non-invasive transportation of therapeutic agents to the central nervous system.

The powerful absorbent and high vasculature and low enzymatic environment of the nasal cavity is suitable for systemic delivery of drug molecules via the nasal cavity.

Amazing Benefits of Nose to brain drops in Neurological Disorders

Nose to Brain Drops

Ayurveda, the ancient holistic science of India, has offered treatment for neurological conditions since its beginning. The neurological problem in Ayurveda is expressed principally in the context of Vatavyadhi. Ayurvedic therapies for neurological disorders will intend to improve this Vata imbalance and return the Vata dosha in balance with Pitta and Kapha dosha to eradicate the disease. People worldwide are afflicted by neurological disorders. It is suggested that the Ayurvedic System can happily treat neurological problems, with Nose to Brain drops. 

Once the drug is instilled through the nasal cavity, it reaches Shringataka -a SiraMarma by Nasastrotas and disperses in the different parts of Brain arrives at a junction place of Netra , Shrotra , Kantha, Siramukhas (opening of the vessels) etc. and works by eliminating the morbid Doshas present above the supraclavicular region and discharge them from The Uttamanga. It also works by stimulating the higher centers of the brain, which shows action on the regulation of endocrine and nervous system functions. It can be assumed that the essence of Nose to brain medication or Nasyadravya is entering the brain and acting on vital parts balances the neuro-Logical, endocrine and circulatory functions. Due to its amazing interaction with the brain, Nose to brain medicine is recommended in children with Autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, down syndrome etc. 

Other Benefits of the treatment

  • Enhances memory and vision
  • Rectifies insomnia
  • Has a definite influence on nasal allergies
  • Treats damaged nasal septum, nasal polyp
  • Benefits with sinusitis
  • Benefits with migraine
  • Benefits with shoulder grip
  • Suitable for cervical spondylitis
  • Clears congestion of the sinuses and removes toxins from the head and neck
  • The approach is very effective to relieve stress and emotional imbalances. 
  • It also works as a preventive, curative and rejuvenation therapy for various diseases such as Autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, neurological disorders. 
  • It is beneficial in treating eye problems.


Each 10ml is prepared out of Decoction of

  • Sahachara 250.46g
  • Gambhari 26.25g
  • Bilva 26.25g
  • Jatamansi 26.25g
  • Manjista 26.25g
  • Sarpagandha 11.26g
  • Chandana 11.26g 
  • Vattiver 2.15g
  • Aswagandha 2.15g 
  • Tagara 2.15g
  • Brahmi 2.15g
  • Vacha 2.15g
  • Devadara 2.15g
  • Kesar 1.20g
  • Base and Others 
  • Sesame oil 10ml 
  • Cow’s milk 210ml 

On the top Nose to brain drops are relevant in healthy persons for retaining up the potential of Sense organs in the head and to excite the central nervous system.

The Nose to Brain drops used in this process to stimulate important centers of your brain that control your emotions and reinforce the immune system so that one does not get sick easily.

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