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An Ayurvedic weapon to fight against COVID-19. In Ayurveda, Rasayanas perform a powerful role and they are strong Ayurvedic herbs that help the body to build immunity. Further, it works by repairing, nourishing and increasing the Dhatus in the body. Speaking of the Dhatus, they are the primary components required for the healthy functioning and maintenance of the body. Ayurveda stated that Strong immunity is the result of healthy digestion; thus it all starts with what you are feeding to your stomach. That’s the reason why herbs have a special place in Ayurveda as well as in cooking. Herbs work silently in our body and support all the body’s functions, let’s just see how they work for immunity.

Given the situation as COVID-19 cases are rising around the world, the Ministry of AYUSH is suggesting the public to adopt a herbal decoction as an immunity-enhancing means toward the novel coronavirus. The ministry declared that ‘AYUSH KWATH ’ formulation can further assist in promoting the immune system, which is the body’s first line of defence against bacteria and viruses. If we turn our attention towards the AYUSH KWAT then is a super combination of four medicinal herbs that are usually utilized in the Indian kitchen.

However, strong immunity is the fundamental key to live a happy and disease-free life. In simple words, Immunity is our future, as long as it is active; it will prevent our bodies from various infections. Coronavirus is also spreading from the asymptomatic people, which is making the situation worse. So while you are staying in your homes, you can prepare the immunity to fight the disease. Children and older adults are vulnerable to have the infection; thus, these two categories demand more attention.

How medicinal herbs help to boost the immunity –
Plants have an abundance of flavonoids, vitamin C, or the carotenoids that play an important part to enhance the immunity. The flavonoid-rich herbs may also hold a mild anti-inflammatory effect. Their useful effect named as an anti-inflammatory and as an immune-stimulant activity. It can elevate the action of lymphocytes, enhance phagocytosis, and produce interferon production. Garlic is one of the most extraordinary plants that can strongly affect the immune system. Similar other herbs are used in ‘AYUSH KWATH  to build strong immunity.

Let’s discuss the incredible 4 ingredients that are used in AYUSH KWATH ;

Basil leaves (tulsi)- It has antibacterial, immune-modulatory, antifungal, and muscle relaxant properties. It is effective against asthma, allergies, and also helpful in relieving the stress. Several studies have shown that it increases lung capacity and reduce laboured breathing.

Twak (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) – It has immuno-ambulatory & antibacterial effects. It balances hormones, and aid in metabolism and controls the level of sugar.

Shunti ( Gingiber officinale) – It has anti-inflammatory and has effective stimulatory effects on the digestive system. It boosts the energy level by reducing the stress level.

Maricha ( Piper nigrum) – It is immune-stimulant, antiseptic, antioxidant, antispasmodic, properties. Its incredible activities help in the absorption of nutrients and improve the bioavailability of medicines and food.

Earlier, this was suggested by Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” that the use of this alternative medicine is a must to enhance the immunity.
However, this product is present in powder form and needs to be prepared with water before consumption. When it comes to health, we take everything very seriously, so here we are with a powerful twist; At Amritha Ayurvedam we have prepared AYUSH KWATH PLUS with additional powerful herbs such as Aswagandha, Guduchi, Kalmegha, and Amla. You can give it a try, AYUSH KWATH PLUS is like icing on the cake which helps to boost the immunity. Let’s see the function of these additional immunity-boosting herbs;

Additional immunity-boosting herbs;
Aswagandha – Ashwagandha enhances the body’s protection against disease by developing cell-mediated immunity. It also maintains potent antioxidant characteristics that protect the body against cellular damage induced by free radicals.
Guduchi – A strong nutritive tonic, Guduchi is one of the greatest herbs for balancing the level of Vata and pitta. It is beneficial to treat various diseases and also helps to boost the immune system.
Kalmegha – Although it is a bitter-tasting plant leave is recognised as an antioxidant which enhances the anti-inflammatory activity in the body. It also helps to support immunity and is utilised to handle the symptoms such as common cold, sinusitis and allergies due to its antimicrobial properties.
Amla – Amla is rich with antioxidants that may do miracles for your vulnerable immunity. It is not only rich with vitamin C that directly boosts your immunity but also the presence of beta-carotene in gooseberry plays an essential role in struggling free radical movement that can take a toll on your immunity.

Dose & preparation:
Take 1 Tea Spoon of AYUSH KWATH PLUS in 500 ml of water and boil it for about 15 minutes, then filter it to consume. If needed, you can add jaggery or Mishri in it. When it comes to children, it is difficult to make them drink such an amount of Kashayam and they usually don’t accept anything that doesn’t taste well.

Well, then what should be given to the children, which is effective and sparse?
Here comes the Amritha Swarna Bindu Prashana – which is prepared with Medhyarasayan Gritham and Swarna Bhasma that comes in liquid form.

Easy and effective to use in children, 1ml of its amount is given to the children via drops which is very easy and safe. The special part about Amritha Swarna Bindu Prashana is that it is prepared by “Dr Santhisree Bheesetti” who has extensive knowledge and experience in this field and practising since 2010. This immunity booster Amritha Bindu Prashana is prepared according to the weight of children.

To know more about the immunity booster products and its dosage you can directly book your consultation call with us at 9989759719 or also visit our blog.

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