Ayurvedic New Born Care Inside and Outside 

Children are the future of the nation, of society and of their family. We must give decent care to the health and well-being of our children.

At Amritha Ayurvedam, we usually deal with the children so often requested to specify in detail what ayurvedic baby care practices are to be followed at home. Most of the parents aren’t aware of these practices and don’t know the science behind it. 

We shall focus on parenting because it is the most crucial period for the baby as well as for parents, and also especially for the would-be mother and father. 

Let’s discuss them in a short brief – 

Mother & baby in seclusion: 

After birth, both mother and baby experience disturbance. And both of them are supposed to be healing from great distress. In the mother’s case, it is well apparent that she has just gone through the phase of pregnancy and childbirth; of course, she is significantly weak. As the baby is extremely young with nonfunctional organ systems, or low immunity, is prone to catch infections or external injuries. The health of the baby depends upon the health of the mother, so we need to be careful about anything that is given to the mother. 

Administration of Amritha Swarna Bindu prashana – 

Silver and gold are regarded as remarkably advantageous for the babies. The presence of this metal is supposed to intensify brain development and eyesight as it is minutely consumed within the skin. Administration of Amritha Swarna Bindu in infants, it’s an ancient Ayurvedic technique specially serves as an ayurvedic immunization. This technique improves the child’s immunity power, and helps in the development of brain, intellect, memory, vitality, digestion, color and complexion. 

Breastfeeding – 

Breastfeeding should be begun as early as possible, to support the baby and to receive all the essential immunoglobulins from the mother, encouraging the child to cope with the external conditions outside the womb. Apart from that, various plants and foods like kheer of Halim, Methi, Poppy seeds and dates, and ayurvedic medicinal products may help to enhance the quality and quantity of breast milk.

Cleaning of the surroundings- 

Fumigation of baby’s clothes, room, beddings, with medicated fumes of frankincense, holy basil, to keep it germ-free.  

Abhyanga snana – 

Daily Abhyanga Snana is a health-giving, immune system stimulating, sleep-enhancing and digestion supporting practice. It helps to gain good muscle weight and muscle development and promotes the baby’s sense of wellbeing.

Conclusion – 

The post aims to enlighten the parents, parents-to-be, about the significance of Ayurvedic new-born care. Babies are delicate, be it their immune system, or body, thus parents are supposed to adopt the safe and secure care practices. These Ayurvedic practices are safe, include herbs, ancient techniques and practiced by various Ayurvedic rishis, acumens to boost the development of the baby. 

If this is your first time with the baby and you don’t know how to follow these practices, then feel free to contact us. We are here for you, or if you are not sure about choosing the right Amritha Ayurvedam products, please reach us at +91 99897 59719. For daily tips join our Facebook community. 

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