Vaakkdevi Rasayana #11

Ayurvedic Treatment for kids!

Vaakkdevi Rasayana

An Excellent Ayurvedic Medicine for #Speech #disorders ,Fabulous memory booster and also provides a soothing Tone.

#Vaakkdevi rasayana is poly-herbal Ayurvedic preparation.This Medicine is referenced from Ayurvedic Treatise and indicated in problems related to speech and memory.
It is said that a person who takes this medicine for specified duration in recommended dosage develops speech and great memory.

In the age of fast nuclear family and isolation, many of the age old practices in respect of early child care has been forgotten and lost in communication. But in families where “Vasa” is administered on the 3rd day of birth to the child, they face no difficulties in reaching milestones like speech and communication at appropriate age. The evolution of all these practices are from the ancient medicine of Ayurveda and proven effectively over centuries.

Today we are quite fascinated about the use of Ayurveda medicines and practices as alternate medicine but its history goes beyond ages.. Language, observations, analytical mind, research aptitude and many more contributed for human intellect. For the successful survival of man in this competitive world there is a need for promotion of mental health and management of various psychological and psychosomatic problems.

***Intake of this medicine regularly endures a person of high memory power to remember/retain whatever he listens once.

  • His voice becomes excellent.
  • It cures #speech and #vocaldefects
  • Removes disturbance of voice
  • Makes voice smooth and clear
  • Cures hoarseness of voice, Aphasia (a language disorder that results from damage to the brain)
  • Effectively treats inattention disorders and forgetfulness.

Vaakkdevi Rasayana Indications:

  • Dysphonia (Difficulty in speaking due to a physical disorder of the mouth, tongue, throat, or vocal cords)
  • Dysarthria (A condition in which problems occur with the muscles that help produce speech, often making it very difficult to pronounce words.
  • Loss of voice
  • Slurred speech and stiffness of tongue.
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Delayed Speech
  • Global developmental delay.

How To Use ?

Take a pea size medicine from the container. Apply it on your kids tongue and swallow. Shouldn’t take water or any food for atleast 15 minutes. Dosage daily 3 times and is based on age factor, for recommendations please call to the support number mentioned and can also email mentioned in the website.

This Medicine is prepared by using the medicinal herbs like Vacha, kusta, Guduchi, Akarkar ,cow ghee and honey etc.Helps as a rejuvenative for the brain and nervous system, it is used to promote cerebral circulation, to stimulate self-expression (in Sanskrit vacha literally means speaking) and to help support overall brain health and functioning. VACHA makes speech clear. Vacha helps to promote memory, longevity and good voice. It helps to remove sluggishness in the tongue during speech. Vacha herb is very useful for speech delay. Sucking this vacha herb helps clear the throat and also helps the person to decrease the delay if occurring in the speech.

It is very essential and helpful for differently able persons (dumb) those who have speech disorders if this medicine is used with specific time duration can see better results.This is mentioned in Ancient Ayurvedic books.Ayurveda opens a large door in the management of Autism and similar conditions and shows the Ray of hope to those in dark.
Vaakkdevi Rasayana  is very essential and helpful for differently able persons (dumb) those who have speech disorders if this medicine is used with specific time duration can see better results. This is mentioned in Ancient Ayurvedic books.

Vaakkdevi Rasayana which is quite helpful in gaining Speech of your children and overcome delayed speech, Autism, ADHD etc. Vaakkdevi Rasayana is poly-herbal Ayurvedic preparation. Your child deserves the best start in life. #Ayurveda_Treatment for #Autism #ADHD and #Delayedspeech@ Sree Prathama Ayurvedam Panchakarma Hospitals.

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  1. Naresh singhal

    My wife suffering from cerebral atrophy she lost her speech,swallowing and tung movements please suggested what I can do

  2. Ruhul Amin Laskar

    My son is 7 YEARS OLD and he is Multiple disable CP and MR patient
    He can not talk
    How can I get the medicine

  3. raghavendra

    my father aged 76 years is speech impaired after severe hyponatrimia treatment 7 years ago. May I know if the vakdevi Rasayana can be a boon to him.

    • Dr. Santhisree Bheesetti

      Yes, Vakdevi Rasayana can help him in speech development. We recommend you for a personal consultation to provide customised treatment program if needed.

    • Panchal jaswant

      I am of 74, in 2022 i had brain stroke, it was cured ,
      now before three months some BP problem, consulted dr.
      but by mistake he had gave any wrong medicine,i had stoped , but my voice problem created,
      it affected some what to my left eye also.
      Vakkadevi rasayan is suitable to cure my speech ?
      Please suggest and oblige

      • Asha

        My daughter 2year old not started speaking yet. Has autism traits. Is this medicine will help to speak?

        • Dr. Santhisree Bheesetti

          Hi Asha, absolutely our medicine can help in bringing/improving speech significantly. But dosage should be followed as as per doctor’s prescription only. Please consult us at +919989759719

  4. Divyajot singh

    My child is not speaking clear age8yrs, not good Bahviour with family members

    • Dr. Santhisree Bheesetti

      We understand ma’am, but to prescribe anything you must first consult our Doctor. She will guide the treatment as per consultation. Contact us at +919989759719 for consultation.

  5. Anurag Katare

    We live in USA, how can we order vakkdevi rasayan? Our 3 and half year old has delays speec and some behavioral issues.

    • Dr. Santhisree Bheesetti

      We understand Sir, our product can help in improving her speech & behavioural issues. To order you must first take doctor consultation, as per consultation Doctor will provide you with Prescription. Prescription is mandatory to ship our medicine.For consultation please contact us at +919989759719.

  6. Elizabeth Mothapo

    My mum is 80years has slurred speech. Can vakdevi Rasaysna help her. do you have a supplie in Botswana?

    • Dr. Santhisree Bheesetti

      Yes Ma’am, we can ship to Botswana. But firstly Doctor Consultation has to be taken ma’am, as per consultation we give prescription. Doctor prescription is must to ship any order. Contact us at +919989759719 for consultation.

    • Nitish

      My chid 4yrs he can’t speech clearly

  7. Cath

    Hi , I am 57 . My vocabulary is small and I have trouble with expression of speech snd recall . Are you able to help me with your medicine please

    • Dr. Santhisree Bheesetti

      Well, we need to understand your condition a bit more to assure Ma’am. Please consult us at 9989759719, our Ayurvedic Expert Dr. Santhisree will prescribe as per your condition. Improvements guaranteed.

  8. Onish shrivastava

    My child suffering from mild autism 8 year old have speach disorder. Can we take this medicine

    • Dr. Santhisree Bheesetti

      Yes Ma’am. This medicine shows significant results in improving Speech in Autistic Kids. You need to take consultation from our Ayurvedic Expert regarding the dosage. Please contact us at 9989759719

  9. jaswant

    vakkadevi rasayana is suitable for 73 years age speech problems ?

  10. Tanushree Basu Dhar

    My son is suffering from autism.He is 9years 2 months.His speech has not yet developed.He utters some non meaningful words.He has not shown any significant development in speech.

  11. Stephen Am

    My son has a speech delay with behavioral issues and will need your help

  12. Roselin Mary

    Hi, my son 2.3 year old, not yet speaking but very active and smart.. Can I give this rasayan to him? If yes, how to give and how many times a day??

    • Dr. Santhisree Bheesetti

      Hi Roselin, absolutely this rasayan can be given and it will improve his speech significantly. But you need to give this rasayan as per doctor’s prescription depending on the age and condition of the kid. Please consult us at +919989759719

  13. Shakila

    Mam,my daughter is 3 years old. She has speech delay. Poor name call response and eye contact.. We are very much worried.. Need your help please.

    • Dr. Santhisree Bheesetti

      Sure Ma’am, we can definitely help you. Can you share your kid’s details over whatsapp to +919989759719. Our Ayurvedic Specialist will guide you the right treatment plan.


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