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Pitta dosha no longer be a problem; try this magical recipe at home.

A long healthy life can be your child’s fate if you watch what you put on that plate. Today we came up with a magical homemade recipe that will not only help to reduce the pitta dosha in your child but also help with urinary and constipation issues. 

Ayurveda literally counts the right food and proper digestion as being at the heart of good health. In Autistic children, pitta dosha can no longer be a problem. It can be brought back into balance if you just follow this simple homemade recipe. 

Dr Santhisree Bheesetti has been treating the Autistic children for a long time. With her expertise, knowledge in Ayurvedic medicine, she finally revealed the secret recipe. Without any further ado let’s dive in; 

Needed ingredients – 

  • Dry fig – 3
  • Black raisins -15
  • 500ml water 







How to make – 

  1. Put 3 dry figs and 15 raisins in 500ml water and soak overnight. 
  2. Next day in the morning, squeeze the whole mixture with your hands to filter the water or you can also use blender to make the juice. 
  3. Filter the whole mixture to get final juice or if your child is willing to drink without filtering then it’s fine or otherwise filter the whole mixture.
  4. The juice must be slightly sour, in order to enhance the taste, honey is recommended so you can mix 1-2 tablespoon of honey. 
  5. Either you can give this drink an empty stomach or also after breakfast, you can use it twice in a day; it will keep your child refreshed for the whole day. 

Well, this is about the recipe now let’s talk about its ingredients. How they work in the body and why they are specifically good for balancing the pitta dosha.  

Dry Fig( Angeer) – It is a sweet and an astringent fruit with cooling effects. Dry figs work by filtering all kinds of toxins from the body and clear the bowel. It soothes the intestines and balances the Pitta dosha in autistic children. 

Black raisins – Made from dried grapes, they have a sugary taste and tend to eliminate the impurities from the blood, prevent constipation, and eventually reduce the pitta dosha. They support the digestion function and help to balance the pitta dosha. Basically, raisins are beneficial in healing a complete range of Pitta-related difficulties, like burning sensation while urinating. Their diuretic influence washes out urine and provides a cooling effect on the entire system. 

How the recipe works 

Healthy digestion is viewed as the foundation of well-being in Ayurveda. Healthy digestion commonly limits the illness and keeps your child’s body healthy. 

Let’s see its benefits 

  • This recipe results by limiting the urinary problems, constipation problems in children and when there will be no stomach issues, the child will automatically start feeling relaxed and even happy.
  • It has ultimate cooling effects so reduces the pitta fire. 
  • Reduces the behavioral problems such as tantrums, irritation and anxiety and so on. 

Special note for parents- At Amritha Ayurvedam, we focus on the treatment of dosha first. We understand that sometimes your child isn’t enough to showcase his/her feelings. But with Ayurvedic remedies or treatments, we can limit the occurrence of all these symptoms. To know more about other ayurvedic remedies you can read our blog or directly speak to our experts, at +91 9989759719. You can also follow us at Facebook, or join our WhatsApp group. 

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Dr. Santhisree Bheesetti

Driven by her passion, she has cultivated a profound understanding of complex conditions like Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Speech disorders, and Anxiety disorders, alongside her specialization in Women’s issues and Neurological disorders in adults.
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