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Ayurvedic Home Remedy for Gut Issues in Autism

Several studies have found that children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) lead to more important medical issues, and the majority of which are constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and indigestion. These problems differ from chronic diarrhea or to the inflammatory bowel disease.

In simple words, these GI symptoms can trigger the awakening of behavioral problems in the children.

Gut issues impact on kids behavior with Autism

Other studies have explained that children with ASD who encounter GI difficulties are more inclined to have critical manifestations of Autism.

Also, GI symptoms treatment mostly causes relief in social or behavioral symptoms.

Interestingly, all the developmental and behavioral problems are seen adjacent to the additional conditions that influence the gut. For example, children who have celiac disease are more prone to develop autism symptoms and other psychological problems.

The behavior and the gut both are bound collectively in some manner. Apparently, two significant factors trigger the Gut Issues in Autism

  • Unsuitable activation of the immune system, which further causes inflammation of the gut lining.
  • Type of bacteria that is present in the gut.

Both conditions are responsible for stimulating the gut issues in children with Autism.

Why Ayurvedic herbs are beneficial for gut issues in kids with Autism?

Parents with exceptional children often struggle over how they can enhance the mental and cognitive development of their children. In fact, western medication is also lacking to offer the best treatment for Autism.

Though autism and attention deficits hyperactivity disorders are not specified in the Ayurveda Charak Samhita, which is one of the most authentic medicinal manuals in Ayurveda, states that a condition that has not been specified in the text by name can be recognized, controlled and treated based on these principles such as;

  • Samuthanavishesha (Based on etiology)
  • Vikar Prakriti (Nature of disease)
  • Sthanantargatwam (Site of affliction)
  • Adhisthana Tarni (Site of imbalanced Doshas)

Ayurvedic medicine is considered as one of the ancient and fundamental systematic studies in the field of medicine. With the proper analysis of complementary techniques and western medicine, Ayurvedic medication employs the incorporation of specific diets, herbs, to aid in the treatment of autism.

Psychological stress plays an important role in regulating the Agni. Quality of Agni is influenced by the quantity as well as quality of food, compatibility of the food items, time and frequency of feeding and the psychological disposition of the child at the time of feed.

Any unexpected or unfavorable change in the living environment or caretakers is bound to increase the stress levels in these kids evident by their maladaptation tantrums. Usual accompaniments are temper tantrums, reduced span of attention, hyperactivity, irritability and disturbed sleep pattern.

Impaired digestive fire is unable to complete the proper digestion, resulting in the undigested or semi digested food in the Koshta(intestine) termed as Amasanchaya. Among the somatic signs, gut dysbiosis -diarrhoea, constipation, bloating etc.,goes hand in hand with the features of Agnimandyam (indigestion) which ends up in Amasancayam(accumulation of metabolic wastes)in the body.

The gut has a major impact on the brain and it effects immune system and can also influence brain and behaviour.

Agni(Digestive fire ) is the factor responsible for preventing toxins entry in to the system and detoxification of the internalised toxins.
In Autistic children Agni is unable to perform these functions properly.
Srotas (channels)are the channels in the body which provides nourishment to the whole body and responsible for some particular function with respect to specific body parts.
Extrinsic or intrinsic toxins in the system causes obstruction of these srotas, which results in the malfunctioning of various Dhatus and disturbing the internal environment of the body. As a result OJO KSHAYA happens in the body which leads to poor immunity , recurrent infections and uncommon behavioural symptoms which is the result of Manovaha srotas dusthi.
For the proper correction of all these factors Agni should be managed.Agni ensures the proper operation of srotas ,detoxification of toxins ;facilitate proper nutrition to Dhatus, proper functioning of manovaha srotas and formation of ojas.
In order to stabilise Agni certain medication and therapies are described.Child faces lot of hindrance in performing his daily activities due to irritation from these gut issues.

Ayurvedic home remedy for gut issues

To address the serious gut issues in autistic children, we Amritha Ayurvedam have come up with the natural with no side effectS remedy to treat the gut issues in children with autism.

Gut Clear -Ingredients –
Sonthi (Dry Ginger-Powder) 25gms,
Triphala           – 25gms,
Jaggery              – 50gms
Cow ghee           -50ml
Honey                  -25ml
Saindhavalavanam  -10gms
How to prepare it –
                               You need to take cow ghee, which has to be blended with honey and thoroughly stirred. Then you need to add jaggery and Saindhava Lavanam to the mixture and triturate the same. At the end, you need to mix it with the sonti and Triphala and store it in the glass container. 


Sonthi (Dry Ginger-Powder) – It has the ability to boost up the stomach emptying.

Triphala – It’s believed to promote bowel health and aid in digestion.

Jaggery –- It inhibits constipation by supporting digestion. It stimulates the digestive enzymes, thus assists in the digestion of food.

Cow ghee – It is an effective ingredient to relieve constipation, and help in stool softening.

Honey – It is an effective ingredient  in the treatment of gut issues by nourishing the good bacteria in the intestine and improves the overall digestion.

Saindhavalavanam – It assists in digestion by arousing digestive fire, restores the normal production of HCl

How To Take it:- You need to store the mixture, and 1gm is recommended to have an empty stomach. The dose of the mixture depends upon the age and weight of your child.

Dose: Age 1-2  years – 1gm with water once daily 
Dose: Age 2-3 years – 1gm with water twice daily
Dose: Age 3 to 5 years  – 1.5 gms with water twice daily
Dose: Age above 5 years  – 2 gms with water twice daily
Dose: Age above 7 years – 3 gms with water twice daily.

Hopefully, this post helped you comprehend the significance of giving your child with a natural and holistic lifestyle and how ayurvedic medication with natural diets can help in the healing of autism. 


#GUT Clear : This GUTCLEAR  remedy  Improves digestion, relieves constipation and bloating and reduces behavioural issues.

You are what you eat.

This famous saying means that diet shapes your health. It is the most important thing in all aspects of life. Autism is not out of this. Nutrition can change the essence of your autistic kids. Healthy diet becomes one of the biggest hurdles when feeding the kid with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). It can vanish all the additional concern about alternative diets. The good news is that Ayurveda is the panacea of multiple problems. Ayurvedic home remedies can provide the inadequate nutrition to the body. Doctors from Sree Prathama Ayurvedam Panchakarma Hospital have researched and have found out many Ayurvedic remedies to cure Gut issues



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