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Amazing reasons to replace wheat floor with Banana Flour;
Despite everything, if we look at the bright side, then rediscovering home cooking is the positive side effect of COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone now considers home baking, and it’s no wonder that everyone is pretty eager to try new ingredients and recipes.

When it comes to Autistic children, they often experience gut issues; as a result, they are not able to digest food properly. There are diet restrictions and special additions in children with autism that parents need to follow strictly banana flour is one of the best additions, which is incredibly helpful for children with autism. Its gluten-free nature makes it perfect for children with autism. Additionally, it has a lower glycemic index, rich in fibers, and potassium, so don’t stab the levels of blood sugar.

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Banana Flour Is Prepared From Unripe Green Bananas –
Green unripe bananas are high in starch because their starch didn’t transform into sugar. With the process of ripening, they become progressively sweeter; that’s why dark brown bananas are quite sweet in taste.  After going through the grinding and drying process, the banana flour becomes light brown in color which suggests that your baked goods become out a little darker.

Banana Flour is best from Other Gluten-Free Flours

Whereas other gluten-free flours are basically made of fat including almond flour, including coconut flour, banana flour is primarily rich in starch. This is a great recipe with a tender crumb, and your child will definitely love eating.
Note – Always remember do not try to substitute this recipe with wheat because wheat is harmful to your child’s gut health.

It Contains Gut-Friendly Resistant Starch
The best thing about green bananas is that they are rich in resistant starch, which is a type of prebiotic fiber that nourishes the healthful bacteria in the gut, promoting insulin sensitivity. It gives your child a feeling of fulfillment because it slowly breaks down in the digestive system.

You can be more creative with baking
If you want to be more creative, then you can combine bread with banana flour, or you can turn this into delicious quick bread. Although this is enough as a gluten-free meal, still if you want to add other gluten-free flour (like oat flour) in muffins you can give it a go.

Appropriate to Thicken Smoothies
It’s richness in starch content makes it safe for gut health. If you want to consume it as a smoothie, add one tablespoon or two of banana flour to the smoothies. It is high in fiber content and provides your children with a boost of extra strength.

This is all about the banana flour, which is very safe for children with autism. If you would like to know more about the dietary modification for your child then feel free to reach us at 99897 59719.

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