Covid 19 and Depression


Covid 19 and Depression

An Ayurvedic battle to fight the COVID-19 Depression 

Depression is a severe medical illness that negatively influences how you feel, the way you believe and the way you act. Amid the pandemic, it is crucial to overcome this aspect. 

Every health issue has its own signs, so do mental health problems. The purpose of Ayurveda is to promote real knowledge among people about their opinions and practices related to mental health issues. So that mental health issues can be identified and treated properly. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has restricted the movement in order to reduce the number of people infected with COVID-19. Now everyone is forced to stay at home, and to accept the new normal, such as work from home, online classes, and social distancing. People are now adopting new lifestyle changes in order to reduce the fear of developing an infection. This ongoing threat, sudden changes, financial downs, are messing with the mental health of people. 

Why some people are adopting the situation and some are facing depression 

How you react to stress throughout the COVID-19 pandemic can depend on your mental set-up, your behavior, your family support, your relationships with friends and family, economic background, financial background, or the community you live in, and some sort of additional other factors. On the other hand, stigma is also another factor, just like, if someone is suspected as COVID-19 positive. 

Why Anxiety is still out there – 

It is well known that panic conditions can lead to negative behavior and cause psychosomatic difficulties as well, and that produces depression and other mental health problems very, very quickly. This way, one can understand the delicacy of this situation and how much we have to be careful about this.

Even with lockdown easing and everything groveling back to regular, the common consensus between youngsters is that they are concerned about getting a job as many companies have shut down their processes. The significant stressors now that everything is gradually starting and could be making a living as many people do not have their jobs, and there is a fear among the people who migrated that if another lockdown would happen, they would have to survive another miserable situation. 

The same nerve-racking fear has taken down everyone’s mental health. There is anxiety still hasn’t gone down, fear of developing the disease hasn’t gone down, even after having the precautions. 

Happiness and wellness is the Answer, and Ayurveda is the key – 

The fight for good food, housing, money, and health begins with an underlying intention to be satisfied, which is beyond material prosperity. Ayurveda proposes various techniques to deal with depression by establishing a sound mind and body relationship. The ancient Ayurvedic doctors of ancient times revealed that the body is made of three Doshas: Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Of these, Vata controls the mind. A raise in this component may generate depression, fear, or anxiety. To deal effectively with this situation and control the symptoms of mental illness, at Amritha Ayurvedam, we are providing Panchakarma therapy to help your body to cope up with the depression and any type of mental illness. 

Let’s see how it can be a strong weapon against the COVID-19 depression. 

Basically, Panchakarma is total detoxification and body cleanse that incorporates 3 purifying activities of the body and mind. Such as; 

  1. Shirodhara
  2. Abhyanga 
  3. Shirovasti 


Shirodhara is a therapy for the control of psychological disorders and psychosomatic ailments. It includes the administration of drip therapy over the forehead of the patient. This drip therapy is created to regulate the hormonal regularity in the body. It starts with the pineal gland, pituitary gland and hypothalamus. It may be done utilizing materials like medicated milk, buttermilk, herbal oil, ghee, and more. Scientifically is helping to calm the person’s mind and body. 


Abhyanga is a synchronized full body procedure performed by two therapists. This is the best massage technique that promotes healing, Reduces tiredness, decreases mental stress, develops lymphatic stimulation, heightens sleep, helps to balance all the Doshas, fosters a sense of well-being and happiness, decreases stress, relieves depression, and detoxifies the body.


In this treatment, the leather cap is ordered on the head and flour is pressed all around behind the cap to limit the oil from leaking out. Warm medicated oil is then streamed on the complete head. The progression of therapy is efficient for migraine, diseases affecting cranial nerves, chronic cold, sinusitis, nerve-related issues such as insomnia, depression, and severe headaches.

Mental health issues are overlooked, especially in India; people aren’t aware of the importance of mental health. But we do, and we always take one step ahead to address the mental health ailments. 

If you are not feeling well, or your loved one is showing any type of symptoms, please feel free to contact us. In accordance with the current situation, you can talk with our experts over the phone. Give us a call at +91 99897 59719 and discuss your matters with us. 

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Driven by her passion, she has cultivated a profound understanding of complex conditions like Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Speech disorders, and Anxiety disorders, alongside her specialization in Women’s issues and Neurological disorders in adults.
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