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Ayurveda Treatment for Nill Sperm Count (#Azoospermia)

The rate at which infertility is fast becoming a common phenomenon in today’s hectic stressful lives, is rather alarming, all thanks to our current lifestyle taking a toll on our overall health.

Fertility problems are nobody’s fault.

Infertility is a medical condition affecting almost one in ten couples trying to conceive.

Today let us know about Azoospermia, also known as no sperm count, which is a male fertility issue that occurs when there is virtually no sperm in a man’s ejaculate. It is found rarely in men.

So What Does “No Sperm Count” Mean?

By definition, Azoospermia means that a man does not have a measurable amount of sperm in his semen.
The condition is typically diagnosed when a patient and their partner are experiencing difficultly conceiving and seek testing and diagnosis from a fertility specialist.

A semen analysis will be performed in order to determine the number of viable sperm found in the male patient’s ejaculate.

Azoospermia can be classified into three major types :
1. Pre-testicular Azoospermia – Doshaja(Vatadoshaja) Shandtva
2. Testicular Azoospermia – Sahaja Shandtva, Bijopaghataja Shandtva
3. Post-testicular Azoospermia – Sahaja Shandtva, Vatadoshaja Shandtva

Pre Testicular

Pretesticular azoospermia is characterized by inadequate stimulation of testicles ,otherwise normal testicles and genital tract.
Pretesticular azoospermia is a kind of non-obstructive azoospermia.

This condition is due to vitiation of Shukra by Tridoshas.


In this situation the testes are abnormal, atrophic, or absent, and sperm production severely disturbed to absent.
Testicular failure includes absence of failure production as well as low production and maturation arrest during the process of spermatogenesis. Generally, men with unexplained hypergonadotropic azoospermia need to undergo a chromosomal evaluation.

Post Testicular;

In post testicular azoospermia sperm are produced but not ejaculated, a condition that affects 7–51% of azoospermic men. The main cause is a physical obstruction (obstructive azoospermia) of the posttesticular genital tracts.
Ejaculatory disorders include retrograde ejaculation and anejaculation; in these conditions sperm are produced but not expelled.

In Ayurveda terms like

  • Ashukara shandatva
  • Nirbeej
  • Abeej
    are indicating towards Azoospermia.

In this context Ayurveda provides better solution for management of Azoospermia in the form of :

  • Proper dietary management (pathya-apathya)
  • Life style advice (Dincharya,Rutucharya)
  • Panchkarma (Detoxification)
  • Aahar-vihar, Yoga, Medicinal treatment

Ayurveda considers health and disease both as the product of food and lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle and healthy diet promote health and prevent disease.

So What are the major causes of Azoospermia?

A blockage in the genitalia, also known as “obstructive azoospermia”
An infection within the male reproductive system
Injury to the genitalia
Effects from surgery to the male reproductive system – including effects from radiation and chemotherapy treatments
Genetic causes
Other potential causes include: undescended testes, Varicocele, medications such as steroids and antibiotics, excessive alcohol consumption, and illegal drug use

Ayurveda Treatment for Nil Sperm Count:

We have the Ayurvedic treatment for Azoospermia and Male Infertility. There is no satisfactory treatment of Azoospermia in allopathic medicine. It includes Medicinal and Panchkarma Vidhi.

Panchkarma Therapy

Panchakarma therapies like Abhyanga (whole body massage) shirodhara and Nasya,Virechana,vasti provide great deal of physical and mental relaxation. A special panchkarma procedure known as Uttar basti or Uttara Vasti is very helpful for this condition, Uttar vasti should be given under the supervision of a trained ayurvedic doctor only.

Uttar vasti is an Ayurvedic procedure in which specific oil based medicine or decoction is administered in the urethra, through urethral meatus, with a syringe. After having few Purificatory procedures, Uttar vasti is carried out by an expert, under all aseptic precautions and sterilized medicine is used, so there are no chances of introducing any kind of infection into the urethra.

Vajikarana Therapy

In Sanskrit, Vaji means horse, the symbol of sexual potency and performance thus Vajikaran means producing a horse’s vigor, particularly the animal’s great capacity for sexual activity in the individual. Literally the Vajikaran is not exactly aphrodisiac but the current connotational meaning is same.

The main aim of Vajikaran is always successful copulation for healthy reproduction, with sexual pleasure being just an additional benefit; therefore it is considered a part of ‘eugeny.’ However, this therapy is also described under various sexual and reproductive disease i.e., Klaibya or Erectile dysfunctions, Bandhyatva or Infertitily, Shukraghata Vata or azospermia and premature ejaculation.

Vajikaran therapy leads to-

  • Happiness.
  • Good strength.
  • Potency to produce offspring.
  • Increased span of erection.

Who should avoid Vajikarana?

  • Before 16 years and after 70 years of age.
  • Duratma (evil minded people)
  • Traumatic and hereditary impotence

Vajikaran basically comprises of three components –

  • a disciplined life style
  • conditional sexual act basing itself upon the assumption that sex is for better reproduction and not only for pleasure, and
  • the use of vajikaran drugs (aphrodisiac medicinal formulations) to achieve these sexual goals.

Azoospermia treatment @ Sree Prathama Ayurvedam Panchakarma Hospitals

The staff at Amritha Ayurvedam Panchakarma Hospitals is experienced and knowledgeable in the care and treatment of male fertility issues, including azoospermia. Our role is to test, diagnose and provide treatment options for patients who wish to treat azoospermia and many other conditions that contribute to male infertility.

Advantages of treatment for Male Infertility at Sree Prathama Ayurvedam Panchakarma Hospitals

  • It is completely free of any side effects.
  • It is quick in terms of positive results in most of the cases.
  • It is effective in most of the sperm abnormalities i.e. low Sperm count, low motility, low semen quantity and abnormal sperm cell morphology.
  • It improves not only the sperm count but also its quality. It raises low sperm motility to high sperm motility. It also improves grades of sperm motility simultaneously.
  • The success rate of system is very high.

If you’ve any questions, feel free to contact Dr Santhisree Bheesetti at +91 9989759719


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