Speech Disorders– Ayurveda Treatment !!!

Speech Disorders :
               Speech development is a critical barometer of both cognitive and emotional development. Language development occurs most rapidly between 2 to 5 years of age. During this period of learning of speech, usually child begins repetition of consonants, often followed by repetition of words.
Speech is the unique characteristic feature of the human being. Speech is the ability to convey thoughts, ideas, or other information by means of articulating sound into meaningful words.
Fluent speech is essential for psychological development of the child and for proper convey of thoughts. It enables one person to convey knowledge to a roomful of other people.
Any fluent problem in speech will create a disturbance in the emotional and social behavior of the children like stuttering which is the most trouble shooting problem in childhood age group and leading to the disability in the later ages.

Speech Disorders – Ayurveda Treatment !!!

                   Speech is the essential way of communication which can express the feelings better than any other ways of communication. Dysfluency in speech is the disorder of communication differentiates the individual as well as leads to disability and handicap in future life. Speech is a process where the vocal sounds are used to convey meaning between individuals.
In present era speech disorder is one of the burning problems in childhood age. Stuttering is disruption in fluency of verbal expression which is characterized by involuntary, audible or silent, repetitions or prolongation in utterance of short speech element namely sound, syllables & words. Incidence of speech disorders affecting to preschool children is up to 8 %, and in the mean time nearly 20% old children of 2years are thought to have delayed onset of speech .
Speech disorders make the child physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially handicapped. Due to communication problem all round development of child will be badly affected. Further this creates low self esteem, less confidence and depression.
Ayurveda classifies speech problems into three categories Mooka, Minmina and Gadgada. These are considered as the variety of Vatavyadhis.
The Gadgada word itself indicates the disease in which fluency of speech is not present. It denotes the Avyakta Vak or shabdha.


     is the dysfluency type of #speech pathology where fluent speech is interrupted by repetition of syllable or word, pause, prolongation, hard contacts and hesitation.

There are normal non fluent speech is observed in children during the speech developmental period and child is unaware of the problem. The child displays no special effort or tension during speaking.

The primary behaviors are differentiated from secondary behaviors that gradually develop around the core of the small breaks and pauses in speech. The initial breaks in the timing of speech sometimes indicate the incipient stages of stuttering in young children.

These breaks take the form of repetitions and prolongations. As awareness increases and struggle behavior develops, there may be blockages or disruptions in air flow, phonation, or even respiration.

The disease Gadgada is caused because of Avarana of Vata by Kapha in shabdhavaha dhamani.The causative factors like Kapha and Vata vitiating nidana, Shukra and Artava dushti, Garbhini Vataja Nidana, Madhura rasa excess intake by Garbhini, Abhighata to Shiras, Adrishta are contributing their role in manifestation of Gadgada.
****Even the Manasika karanas like Shoka, Bhaya, Udvega can influence speech in person, because proper functioning of Manas is essential for Indriya to work physiologically.
Causative factor of stuttering is mentioned as multifactorial like Genetics influence, familial inheritance learned behavior, psychological causes, CNS injury and primary to secondary as developmental and unknown cause.
Speech Disorders – Ayurveda Management:
          Vakkdevi Rasayana which has Vacha as main ingredient, which is also Kapha Vata hara, Swarya, Medhya hence proving beneficial in removal obstruction of Vata by Kapha by the virtue of Ushna Veerya, Katu Vipaka. Medhya property of the drugs helps to correct the psychological ailment.
The other ingredients are having Ushna Veerya, Katu Vipaka also acts as Vata Kapha Shamaka, Deepana, Pachana properties will act as on Agni and help for proper assimilation and pharmacological actions of the drugs.
Drugs of Vakkdevi Rasayana were proved for its CNS depressant, muscle relaxant, anxiety relieving, respiratory stimulant, analgesic, sedative and brain nourishing action .
Speech Disorders- Ayurveda management
Vacha & Kusta are having spasmolytic & smooth muscle relaxant activity & also used in psychosomatic disorders. These properties are helpful in reducing symptoms, like repetition, block hard contacts, anxiety and stress in speech and thought process. Jaw muscle tension the force of air expelled for speech is corrected because of drug action, resulting in fluent speech.
Vakkdevi Rasayana -An Excellent Ayurvedic Medicine for Speech disorders, Fabulous memory booster and also provides a soothing Tone.
#Vakkdevi rasayana is poly-herbal Ayurvedic preparation.This Medicine is referenced from Ayurvedic Treatise and indicated in problems related to speech and memory.
It is said that a person who takes this medicine for specified duration in recommended dosage develops speech and great memory.
***Intake of this medicine regularly endures a person of high memory power to remember/retain whatever he listens once.
***His voice becomes excellent.
***It cures #speech and #vocaldefects
***Removes disturbance of voice
***Makes voice smooth and clear
***Cures hoarseness of voice, Aphasia (a language disorder that results from damage to the brain)
***Effectively treats inattention disorders and forgetfulness.
1) Dysphonia (Difficulty in speaking due to a physical disorder of the mouth, tongue, throat, or vocal cords)
2)Dysarthria (A condition in which problems occur with the muscles that help produce speech, often making it very difficult to pronounce words.
3) Loss of voice
4) Slurred speech and stiffness of tongue.
5) Autism
7)Delayed Speech
8)Speech Disorders
It is very essential and helpful for differently able persons (dumb) those who have speech disorders if this medicine is used with specific time duration can see better results.
This is mentioned in Ancient Ayurvedic books.
Ayurveda opens a large door in the management of Autism and Speech Disorders and shows the Ray of hope to those in dark.
Your child deserves the best start in life. #Ayurveda_Treatment for #Autism #ADHD and #Delayedspeech and Speech disorders @Amritha Ayurvedam Panchakarma Hospitals.
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