Vaakkdevi Rasayana


Product Description

Vaakkdevi Rasayanam is a poly-herbal Ayurvedic preparation derived from ancient Ayurvedic texts. Specifically formulated to address speech and memory-related issues, this medicine is renowned for its ability to enhance speech and memory retention. Regular intake in recommended doses is believed to significantly improve one’s ability to retain information and articulate thoughts effectively.

At its core, Vaakkdevi Rasayana features Vacha as its primary ingredient, known for its Kapha and Vata balancing properties. With its inherent qualities of warmth (Ushna Veerya) and pungent taste (Katu Vipaka), Vacha aids in dissolving Vata obstructions caused by Kapha, thereby facilitating clearer communication. Additionally, its Medhya properties contribute to cognitive enhancement, addressing psychological imbalances and promoting mental well-being.

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