Refund Policy

  • The consultation will be confirmed only after payment is made at reception or online.
  • Subject to availability, a guest can reschedule her/his appointment 48 hours prior to consultation.
  • A rescheduling request will not be entertained after 48 hours or after the consultation time has elapsed.
  • Please note that no refund will be given once payment is made.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy for outpatient for Panchakarma / Relaxation Treatments

  • Treatments will be confirmed only after payment is made at reception or via bank transfer 
  • The patient has to pay 75% of the estimated treatment (as prescribed by the doctor) cost in advance.
  • A rescheduling request will be entertained 48 hrs. prior to the appointment. Subject to availability.
  • Once the treatment is initiated refund will not be entertained.
  • Once after treatment/panchakarma package is assigned, if in case the patient wants to withdraw it will be considered as individual treatment price.